What If You Did It Anyway?

I’ve been scared of things in my life.

Scared of walking down a dark street. Scared of getting into a relationship. Scared of not getting into a relationship. Scared about taking on a job. Scared about not taking a job. Scared just thinking about all that may not happen in my life, or even all that could.

Before I do anything I’ve never done, or cross any barrier I’m unsure of I’m hit with this feeling: I’m scared.

But, I think it’s more than that. I think what I’m really feeling when I feel scared is unsure. Unsure of all of everything. Unsure of my decisions. Somehow I go from being able to rely on myself to being unsure of myself.

But what if instead of getting caught up in the feeling of being frightened – scared to say what we feel, scared to show our authentic selves, scared to say what we need, we just did it, regardless of the response.

What if we believed in our insecurities?

What if we believed in our fear?

Treated it with understanding, knowing, and then, let it go? What if we were to bust through the feeling to get to the other side instead of letting it paralyze us?

Why not act the opposite and see where it gets you. Maybe, just maybe, this feeling is showing us where we need to go to get or be something better. To take care of ourselves.

Maybe it forces a breakup, but that leads you to meet the right person.

Maybe it forces you to step up and take on leadership roles and suddenly you’re being considered for a new position.

Maybe you surprise yourself and feel better, because you know that you’re taking care of yourself.


What if you were scared but did it anyway? What would that look like? Would love to hear your answers below.

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