What Are You Inviting In?

Right now it may feel like a lot of your conversations are out of your control. That you find yourself caught up on the hamster wheel, going round and round, without anything being resolved.

And while it’s true that sometimes we find ourselves within conversations we didn’t  anticipate, today I want to touch on conversations we can do something about. And these are the conversations we invite into our day-to-day that aren’t helpful, promote more doubt and anxiety, and have us feeling stressed, frustrated, and exhausted.

Today, I’d ask you to start thinking about the conversations you’re inviting in that aren’t helpful or necessary. Sometimes we ask questions we don’t want or really need to hear the answer to; we get involved in conversations with someone or a group of people that we know will make us feel exhausted or where our energy is depleted afterward in some way. Those moments when we choose to bring up past events or unresolved issues when we know it’s not helpful, or we try to start a conversation when the other person isn’t able to listen to us. Ask yourself today, how am I adding daily discomfort where it’s not needed?

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