Thought For The Day

I was in my head a lot these last couple weeks and whenever I am I feel heavy.

Around and round my mind spins, thinking my way through and out of ideas or into holes that I can’t climb out of.

It took one day of being outside, having lunch with my mother, and talking over coffee to remember that as much as we create alone, our creative energy can’t thrive alone.

We have to step away and interact with the world so that we can really feel alive within it.

Lunch with my mom took me out of my head and brought me into the present.

Try having lunch with someone who keeps your attention this week. Someone who reminds you what it’s really all about.

Just a thought …

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  • Tony scinto

    Well said. Reminds me of the saying; if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got. You said it well. At times we have to step outside to see the light. Thanks for sharing.

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