The Art of Tearing Down a Dresser

Random Thoughts: Been checking my bed daily for bedbugs. I was told that they come out only when you are on your bed – so I sit there and wait with the light on. Only after nothing happens do I feel comfortable falling asleep. Stayed way to late at Luca Bar on 8th street on Saturday, but French is a wonderful language and peanut butter is a wonderful American treat. Took my first trip to Ikea in New York – very exciting. I found the cabinet doors I was looking for (original price = too expensive. What I paid = 2.00). Reading a book called Prague … not as big a page turner as I was hoping for. ¬†Having a painting party in a couple weeks – very exciting. What do people think about gift books?

Apartment: Next step in creating space is to get rid of my disgusting dresser. Let me rephrase that – someone else’s old dresser that’s been in my apartment for a very, very, long time. Again – with only my hammer I achieved the following. Whoever said women need men to dismantle furniture was wrong. See exhibit A below.



One piece at a time


Who Knew?

Bye bye dresser

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