The Art of Installing a Cabinet Door

Random Thoughts: Everyone seems to be on the OkCupid dating site. Friends have been recognizing OkCupid’s on the streets of New York. Usernames have been passed around by friends of who to avoid. Some have two accounts: one for the real deal and the other to view people anonymously. Was told about sexually charged first messages. Went to a new bar last night called Lovers, which after all the OkCupid discussion was appropriate. Met two French guys who love New York and didn’t want to go back to Europe, which I thought was strange because whenever I’m back in the city all I want to do is return to Europe. Adjusting to new environment, but trying to keep the same balance between life and work that I have in Madrid. Feeling a bit out of the “work, work, work,” mentality. Realizing that not returning e-mails or texts right away here means something.

Apartment: So the bookshelf is gone and so is the dresser – next on the list – new cabinet doors!!! It was about one hundred degrees in my apartment. Cabinet door change is documented below.


One side down!

Was almost inclined to leave the cabinet as is. No doors, baby!

My Pretty $2.00 Red Cabinet!

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