This course is designed around my book How To Communicate Like a Buddhist. 

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I used to lie awake at night and worry about work, family, friends, boyfriends. Honestly, I would obsess about all of it.

And while all these thoughts and emotions were going on inside I rarely expressed any of them.

Instead, a colleague would knock on my cubicle while I was in the middle of something and I’d roll my eyes and say in a passive aggressive tone, “what can I do for you now.”  Or my boyfriend would ask me to empty the water out of the tea kettle and I’d argue about why leaving it there made sense. Sometimes someone even asking me a simple question like what do you want for lunch would be difficult to answer. There was so much clutter in my head that I couldn’t focus or slow down to express myself accurately. Everything irked me and had me reacting impulsively.

Of course I wanted to interact differently I just didn’t know how.

So I went out and learned everything I could about how to communicate to express myself in a clear, direct, and accurate way. And after years of reading, going to lectures / seminars, and retreats I came up with a practice that takes away the clutter, cultivates kind and calm conversations, and helps shift us out of the internal chatter and into the present moment.

When I started to change how I communicated  I was able to step into more leadership roles, get more done, and my overall job satisfaction improved. In my personal life, well, I felt comfortable expressing what was upsetting me but able to do so in a way that didn’t come across as critical or judgmental.

I started to appreciate each moment much more.

What people are saying

Working with Cynthia with this program reset the way that I think about communication.  It gave me a system to increase mindfulness in the everyday and gave me tools to analyze, understand and combat communication pitfalls I thought to be almost insurmountable.   – Ingrid, New York, New York

The work on communication has really stuck with me and I find myself reflecting on my communication style often now. It has helped me to pause and reframe how I feel in certain situations, especially stressful ones, and allow myself time to consider how I want to respond rather than doing so impulsively. – Madison, Oakland, CA

Why did I create this program for you?

I created this program for you because I’ve been where you are and it took me years to figure out how to have healthy interactions. For so long I blamed others for everything that wasn’t working, I was critical, passive aggressive, and made others feel less than. I felt like I couldn’t be the person I wanted to be in my relationships.

This program is here for you so that you aren’t left to figure this all out on your own like I had to. It’s about action, accountability and actualization. You’ll walk away with a system to repeat over and over again for life and a communication shift that will affect not only your romantic relationships but also your interactions at work, with family and friends.


If you see yourself reflected in these words … if you’re feeling that gentle tug telling you you’re ready for this…then this is your moment to step forward and start.

The next 8 weeks have the power to change your life. Just think what changing your communication pattern could do for your love life? Your career? Your health? Even your wallet.

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If you’re interested in finding out what your communication style is right now – go ahead and take the free quiz. It’s always fun to have clients come back to this at the end of the 8 weeks and see how far they’ve come.


About Your Mentor

Photography by the incredible Dominique Fierro Hair & Makeup: Abigail de Casanova

Photography by the incredible Dominique Fierro
Hair & Makeup: Abigail de Casanova

Cynthia Kane has her B.A from Bard College, her M.F.A. from Sarah Lawrence College and is a certified meditation and mindfulness instructor. Cynthia teaches the skill of empowered communication to men and women to improve their relationships at home, work and in school.

This course is designed around her most recent book How To Communicate Like a Buddhist.

Cynthia’s work has appeared in The Washington Post, BBC Travel, Pregnancy Magazine, Woman’s Day, Bridal Guide Magazine, VegNews, Yoga Journal, Refinery29, The Huffington Post, Mind Body Green and more.

Cynthia is passionate about empowering men and women to enjoy their lives through changing the way they communicate with themselves and with others. She truly believes that by changing how we speak with others and ourselves we can change the world.