Partly Cloudy Communicator

While you’re on the right path, there are still some blockages that get in your way, making it feel like you sometimes can take two steps forward and two steps back.

Sometimes you’re able to handle difficult interactions and then at other times you’re lashing out, getting passive aggressive or stuck in your head about it for days. You can have moments where you feel heard in your most important relationships and then completely misunderstood and unappreciated and taken advantage of so you shut down, stop sharing for a while or thinking that what you have to say is necessary or valuable.

The constant up and down has you exhausted and you’re wondering if it’s possible to find any peace and ease within your interactions.

I know the ups and downs very well, and how they can create a lot of doubt, worry, and anxiety. And I can tell you firsthand that it is possible to experience consistency in your relationships by learning how to show up authentically within them.

If you’re ready to shift from overwhelm to ease in your most important relationships without compromising who you are, then apply to work with me and my team in the Kane Intentional Communication Training Program. Click here to learn more + apply.