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What’s Your Communication Style?
You are a Cloudy Communicator

This was where I started: often closing off instead of sharing how I truly felt, reactive rather than responsive to the words of others, and passive-aggressive instead of assertive and clear. I would judge others and compare my insides to their outsides, which always resulted in a tirade of negative self-talk. While this was a hard place to start from, it also meant that I had the most to gain by changing my communication habits.

The fact that you have taken the test means you too are ready to make a change. You want to learn how to communicate so that it feels good to you, so that you interact with others in a way that leaves you feeling satisfied and calm. Finally, you want to learn how to articulate yourself, knowing that you are capable of meeting your own needs.

To get to this place, it’s important to learn how to become less reactive and more responsive. I show you how in my FREE Masterclass – how to go from heated and reactive to calm and responsive. Click here to listen.