You’re a Clear Communicator

You understand that clear communication requires empathy and understanding. You’re aware of the give-and-take within a conversation and how to handle criticism without taking it personally. You believe that for there to be good communication you must be honest, use helpful language, and not gossip about others. You’re aware of the value of your words, and at the same time you understand that everyone you talk to is an equal; they want the same as you:to be heard, seen, understood, and acknowledged.

While your communication is clear and you may “know” how to interact, you may be having a hard time implementing what you know. How do you really embody speaking to others in a kind, honest, and helpful way? How do you truly find calm and rest in stressful and difficult interactions?

To bring the abstract down to the ground and really learn how to implement what you know, my team and I can help. This is truly the work we do, helping high achieving individuals experience more peace so that they can show up authentically in their most important relationships.

You can apply to the Kane Intentional Communication Training Program here.