Tea Time!

I am happy to report that today I am sitting in my apartment without blankets, gloves, or a hat. Yes, I bought a space heater. It’s a small one, but it’s amazing how by heating only my feet the rest of my body feels warm! Scientific reason for this I’m sure. Anyone?

The heat continues to come on for about ten/fifteen minutes and then shut off, but so far the day is shaping up pretty well.  The only little luxury I’m missing is my electric tea kettle in Madrid.

Each day after my large lunch I’d plug in my electric tea kettle and within minutes I’d have boiling water to pour into my “take a break” mug. Then at night, L from next door would ring the bell with pajamas on and mug in hand and say, “Tia,tienes tila?” Which in English translates to “aunt, do you have tila.” L says “Tia” at the beginning, middle, and end of every sentence. If you were to meet her only one time, you’d walk away saying, “Es que Tia” or “Pues, Tia”. Tila on the other hand can come in pill or tea form, and its purpose is for relaxation. Pretty much like what we have in the U.S. as nighttime tea. Anyhow, then we’d sit and sip from our hot mugs and soon it’d be time for bed.

Mission #4: Electric tea kettle. Purchased on Amazon for 16 dollars.

A quick update on the Spanish coffee maker … It came to my apartment when I wasn’t there 🙁   But it’s only down the street sitting in the post office!!!!

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