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It was about eight months ago that I reached out to Dominique Fierro Photography + Design to help capture moments I could use on my website, blog posts, articles, and for my upcoming book How To Communicate Like a Buddhist.

When I signed on to work with Dominique I didn’t realize that the experience would push me to step up into my best self. The day we spent together reminded me of not only the person I am but the person I truly desire to be: kind, honest, helpful, non judgmental, and compassionate.

Photo Therapy is what it felt like and that is exactly the service she provides. Because I’m always interested in finding new ways to see ourselves clearly and be more of who we are- I thought it would be great to interview Dominique to really tap into how photography can be a vehicle for us to live in our integrity – meaning it helps us to be more of who we are and step into ourselves. I feel like with Photo Therapy that is exactly what Dominique helps men and women do.

Dominique Fierro

Dominique Fierro

1) Why is being in front of a camera a powerful force for tapping into ourselves?
When you are being photographed your guard is down, it has to be. There is no way around it if you want an authentic image- you are giving someone else the power to capture you and for yourself to be vulnerable. When you allow someone else to see and release your inhibitions, you get to see a side of yourself that may be new to even you. You are in an environment that is free of judgement and really allows you to explore and express yourself freely.


2) How has photography helped you become more of who you are?
I have always loved photography and building confidence in people. When I started noticing the shift that was happening when I would photograph people and how they would come out of their shell and the boost of confidence and happiness that they felt it would be transferred to me. Photographing people makes me feel good, excited and happy. What’s not to like about that? By making people feel good about themselves it made me feel good and I was able to express myself creatively. Every shoot is different because everyone brings something else to the table. I am constantly evolving, learning and growing and that is something I never want to stop doing. It has also taught me how to connect with people on a more personal level almost immediately. 


3) What could people do on their own with their cameras to get them feeling connected to their inner strength, power, beauty, self?
Hello Selfie! If you are having a great hair day or are getting ready for a night out, capture it! On one of those days where you are feeling not so hot, you can look at it for a little boost of confidence. The photos don’t even have to be of you, it could be a moment with a friend that you want to capture, a walk through the woods that was breathtaking. It could be anything that you connect with that brings you joy. Did you just climb Everest? Capture it. Than reminisce on that time you climbed and conquered your goals and have that token of how it made you feel.


4) What is the experience that people have during your sessions?
Everyone contacts me for different reasons, they might be going through a tough time, need a little bit of joy or boost of confidence, others have worked out and want to show it off and capture the moment in their lives when they feel great. Whatever the reason for having a Photo Therapy session with me is, they all come out with boosted physical & emotional confidence & positive energy. The process starts out with me finding out how you would like to be photographed; do you dream of being a Madonna like character for a day, a bohemian rocker or a forest nymph? Whatever you want to be for the day I give you the freedom and tools to express yourself. While creating amazing art for your walls!  Some women want something sexy, while others want something editorial or artistic…sometimes all three! Once we figure out what you had in mind we put a plan into action. I style you for your shoot so you don’t have to stress out about what to wear, you show up to a photo shoot with a complete wardrobe. I know it’s amazing! I take care of everything including giving you your own hair and makeup artist. It is like being a celebrity for the day and showing up to your own custom photo shoot all the while hanging out with girlfriends talking about life and playing dress-up! After the shoot we meet up 2 weeks later so I can show you the art we created together. 


5) What can photography reveal about a person? It can reveal insecurities, beauty, personality, energy- their soul. There is not much that you can hide when you open yourself up and show your vulnerable side.  


6) What would you tell someone who says they’re just not photogenic? You haven’t been photographed in the right way. Everyone can and should have an amazing photograph of themselves, you just need to find the right person to capture you. 


7) What have your favorite photographs taught you about human beings? Life is wonderful and embrace the moment you are in,  learn and grow from it. You never know when the last photograph that was taken might actually be your last. I photographed my best friends grandfather a couple years ago, he had a bunch of tattoos and had such a life story that I had asked to photograph him. Her family still thanks me to this day. Those were the last photographs taken of him: he was happy healthy and they showed his personality. Photographs are one of the only ways that we can freeze a moment in time and they prove even after a hundred years that a single piece of paper can hold so much emotion and love. Photographs can become some of our most prized possessions and heirlooms.  

Photo Shoot Art from Dominique Fierro DFPD on Vimeo.

Photo Therapy With Courtney from Dominique Fierro DFPD on Vimeo.

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