Take the Time

My last post was all about how to keep perspective … So I’ve been doing the following actions, daily, to keep me in the Madrid frame of mind.

1) Given the luxury of scheduling my own work day – I’ve decided that I can give myself the time in the morning I need before sitting down at my computer. In Madrid I have the entire day to work on my own stuff and then once 3 p.m. comes around I start my calls for work. So I’ve decided to try to follow the same routine – wake up at the same time I would in Madrid – and see if I can do work until around 3 p.m then work on my own stuff for the rest of the day.

2) Cooking in my apartment. So far since being back in New York I’ve made a real effort to cook in my apartment. I think I’ve gone out to dinner / brunch once or twice. This is pretty good. Not only am I saving money, but I really enjoy cooking for myself. Like I’ve said before – it’s almost like I’m treating myself.

3) Having many bottles of wine in the apartment is super important to me. I love to have a glass for lunch and then with dinner.

4) Tea before bedtime. Each night I make my relax tea before bed.

5) Talking to friends in Madrid on Skype. Even if it’s only for an hour – it’s really important to stay connected and to still feel a part of that world even if I’m not there.

6) Watching movies in Spanish.

7) Reading El Pais.

8) Exercise. I just finished writing a hiking guide book about Madrid so I was hiking alot. Carving out time in my day to work-out is super important.

Just from looking over the above eight things, what I’m realizing is that they all have to do with making time for myself. I think it’s hard to take the time or make time in New York, but that’s going to be the goal.

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