Spanish Coffee Maker: What are People Searching to Find?

It turns out that a lot of people are searching for the term Spanish coffee maker on Google. I know because that’s how many people seem to stumble onto my blog. I guess what I’m wondering is what are people looking to know? Are they looking for where they can find one, what it is, or how it works? Maybe I could help answer any questions …

The post I originally wrote devoted to the Spanish coffee maker was in my search to make my New York life more like Madrid. And the one I bought broke about a month or so ago. I left it on the stove too long and the handle popped off, spewing coffee all over my stove top. I went a month without buying a new one, I actually would have gone longer if it weren’t for my friend C who bought me a new one for the holidays.

Every morning while my coffee is brewing I pour my milk into a pot and let it heat up. There’s nothing better than feeling like I’m back in Madrid with a cafe con lech. Ah, Madrid. How I miss you.

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  • hazel

    i want to know who the hell makes this shit?

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