Sinus Pressure

(Note that a picture of sinus pressure would have been inserted here but all the images I found looked too painful to post.)


I’ve had a sinus infection for about two months now. I’ve been on four rounds of antibiotics and I’m exhausted. I went from never taking medicine to popping pills daily. I feel bad for my body. I think it may be confused. The moment I realized it was that bad was when I walked through a detector to leave a store and my bag went off. It went off, not because I stole something, but because all the empty packets of ibprofen, azithromycin, and decongestants have piled up in my bag creating some sort of magnetic field. Really? Yes.

I’ve been in D.C. the last week and a half and am now back in Brooklyn. My head today feels somewhat normal. But what if I’m allergic to my apartment. I love my apartment. Next week I’m going to an allergist … so I can get pricked, start to itch, and  hopefully find out that all this inflammation is due to an allergy to dust or some kind of mold and doesn’t require surgery of any kind. Allergies … I’ve never had them before yet right now I’m hoping that’s what all this discomfort stems from. Rooting for allergies.

I know it’s not a brain issue because my first ever MRI came back normal. I laid there with my eyes closed for 45 minutes while they took pictures of my brain. Not as uncomfortable as people say, but I do recommend closing your eyes the entire time and trying to meditate.

One activity that did make my head feel a bit better: Last night I went to Bar Bruno with C and I. Bar Bruno has to be, hands down, one of the best restaurants in the neighborhood. Delicious food at a good price, can’t beat it. The wheatberry salad is unforgettable, and don’t even get me started on the brussel sprouts. I’m adding it to my I Have Sinus Pressure and This is What Makes Me Feel Better list.

Okay, time for another nasal rinse.

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