Book CoverHow To Communicate Like a Buddhist (Click for a free excerpt and to discover your communication style!)

The most well-known Buddhist teachers on the planet all have something in common: they are excellent communicators. This is not by accident, as the Buddha taught what are called the four elements of right speech over 2,600 years ago.


In this one-of-a-kind book, certified meditation and mindfulness instructor Cynthia Kane has taken the four elements of right speech and developed them into a modern practice based on mindful listening, mindful speech, and mindful silence.

If you have ever felt misheard, have trouble stating how you feel, or long to have more meaningful and genuine conversations, this book can help. The simple steps outlined in this book will have a huge effect on how you communicate with others and yourself.




Take a Hike: The Best 50 Routes in the Community of Madrid (Ediciones La Librería, May 2011)

From August to November in 2008 I  did over 160 hikes. And from those 160 hikes  chose the best routes! Inside you’ll find a variety of easy, medium, and advanced routes, packed with history and beauty.  If only one day in the mountains changed my life, I know the same can happen for you. (Soon to be available on Amazon in the U.S.A.!)




511ZgbvtXUL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_Submerged: Tales from the Basin (StepSister Press, 2008)

Submerged: Tales from the Basin is an anthology of literature, memoir, and art created by more than thirty women to benefit those who survived Hurricane Katrina. The title refers to a fear many of us had as young children, of having our heads submerged under water while our mothers washed our hair. The stories, essays, poems, and art of Submerged are an exploration of each contributor’s relationship with her hair, in most cases emotional, often humorous, and consistently generated from youth.