Releasing Information

I’ve been noticing that I’m speaking my thoughts aloud more often than usual.

Ideas, opinions, questions, musings seem to creep out into the open without much of a filter.

There’s too much going on in my mind lately that to make room and add some space I have to get some of what’s happening on the inside out.

While I know that most of what I’m saying is just talk, others don’t know what to make of it. They don’t know what to take away from it because normally what comes out of my mouth is extremely intentional.

And because of that people think I’m telling them things when really I’m just saying things.

Have you ever said something for this reason? To simply release it so you could make room to hold other thoughts, feelings, ideas, or opinions? It doesn’t have anything to do with anything or with the person you’re with, it’s simply to open you back up to more helpful thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

Sometimes our speech isn’t directed; however, it’s important when we’re with others to let them know that’s what’s happening. Phrases like, “I’m thinking aloud right now,” “I need to get some of what I’m thinking out, no need to respond,” “I’m talking to myself right now,” or “I’m not telling you anything I’m just saying” can help the person we’re with understand where we’re coming from.

There are moments where our goal is not to convey information but to release information. Releasing information in a kind, honest, and helpful way is as important as speaking in this way.

How do you release information? Does it come off in a passive aggressive tone or snarky? With doubt? Fishing for someone else’s opinion? Or are you truly speaking to make room for more helpful, kind, and honest language?

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  • Ariela

    Releasing information versus conveying information, this is an interesting observation.
    Something to think about.

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