Rebecca Sherman’s Nite Light

Often I’ll stand in front of a piece of art and it triggers my memory of another work by another artist. Well, last night I went to an art opening at Chashama 266 Gallery and for the first time in a long time felt like I was looking at something truly unique. The work didn’t conjure up thoughts of any other artist; it kept me present, fusing the work only to itself.

The exhibition showcases the work of artist Rebecca Sherman and it is up until the 12th of December. The mixed media paintings took the light of the city landscape and married it to the dark of the night sky, while the soundtrack and digital projections added a celestial  element to the space. The layered combination gave off an almost glitter-rock affect.

The show is called Nite Light and if you have some time I would recommend popping in to the small gallery space to check it out.

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