Make Your Hard Days Easier

Some days everything seems hard.

It’s hard to get out of bed.

It’s hard to eat well.

It’s hard to concentrate.

It’s hard to feel relaxed.

It’s hard to make time for yourself.

It’s hard to smile.

It’s hard to communicate.

On these days some of us don’t even want to do anything differently.

Sometimes we want to suffer.

We want to be the victim.

We want to blame others for how we feel and what we’re going through.

We want to be upset at a ourselves.

We want to continue to talk to ourselves in a negative way, because it reinforces how we’re already feeling: bad.

A lot of the times we don’t let ourselves live with ease.

We don’t make our lives easier.

What if on those days where everything feels hard we made it easier for ourselves?

If on those days when how we’re talking to ourselves makes us feel bad we made our lives easier knowing that our interactions with others will be compromised.

Knowing that if we’re upset with ourselves we’ll be impatient and on edge with others.

Knowing that if we’re suffering we’ll react automatically without thinking if what we’re saying is kind or helpful.

Knowing that if we feel any form of obligation our words will be filled with resentment.

If we know that on these hard days our communication with others suffers than we can make our lives easier by limiting our interactions or paying extra attention to our words before we use them.



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