Lunch Time in New York

Lunch time in Madrid is a wonderful, relaxing, event. A large amount of food is prepared, red wine is poured, and everything is put on a nice little tray. Everyday I put my food on a tray in the kitchen and bring it out to the living room to eat. I love this tradition. It’s like I’m serving myself and treating myself well!

In New York, as you may have already guessed from the opening paragraph, I don’t have a tray! Normally eating in my apartment in New York is not something I do on a regular basis. Instead you’ll find me in a restaurant somewhere looking over a menu. If you look in my refrigerator you’ll find some milk, and leftovers. But, I’m trying to change this. I’m trying to change this because what I’m noticing is that in Madrid I take more time to enjoy myself and doing things for myself. I love cooking for myself in Madrid, so cooking in New York should feel the same. We’ll see. A big difference is space. In Madrid I have lots of space, counters that feel like football fields compared to my store-bought wheeling counter in New York.

Anyhow, the idea here is that if I purchase a tray, I will feel like taking the time to eat and enjoy myself in New York as I do in Madrid. I will make cooking and eating a part of my day Р treat to myself!

Mission #5: Tray!

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