Let The Good Stuff Happen

The other week I was in New York and I was talking to a seventy-two year old fashion designer and she turned to me and said

Work hard


Let it happen

So often we fight the good, making it impossible to enjoy what we know is already kind of spectacular about our own lives. We get caught up in what we aren’t doing to fall in love, get a new job, make more money.

While we think about what we aren’t doing what happens is that we stop doing much of anything.

We think our way out of doing.

But what if we just worked hard and let the good stuff happen. What if we knew that working hard meant the good stuff was on its way? And then what if we didn’t apologize for the good stuff when it started happening? Or saying, well, it wasn’t a big deal? What if we didn’t play down the work it took to get to the good?

If you know what you want in life, start figuring out what actions you can take to get  there. Then, work hard, and let it happen!


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