Let The Good Happen

Have you ever desired something so badly that you became obsessed with it?

That at every spare moment you said to yourself I wish that I had more money; that I was happy, safe, healthy; that I was in love.

Or maybe it’s something you talk about with your friends. You bond over your desires for more in life.

Having desires is wonderful. Knowing what your desires are, well, that’s incredible. But letting them happen, well, that’s the hard part.

How do we let the good things we want to have happen happen?

Not being open to receiving what we desire is a lot of the reason we don’t have what we desire.

Think of if your desire is to be loved, but when someone shows you love you don’t believe it.

Think of if you desire to be happy, but when you do feel those moments you don’t acknowledge them or feel undeserving of them.

Receiving is difficult because it requires us to open.

Think of a mailbox. For us to receive mail there has to be an opening.

Without an opening we are shut off from letting the good stuff in.

How do we create an opening?

By being aware of the moment we’re in.

Start small.

See every moment as one you can receive.

You can receive the sunshine, the wind, the smell of coffee. You can receive a compliment, inspiration, beauty, creativity, kindness.

Notice what is being offered to you in this moment and see in what ways can you open to receive it.


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