When most people come to me they want to improve their communication in a certain area of their life. They want to have a supportive and loving relationship with their partner. They want to be kind and gentle with their children. They want to be more direct and confident in the workplace. Or they want to be less aggressive with their language. And after working together, you know what happens? They feel more connected to their partner, more alive with their children, and more assertive and compassionate within their career. This is my wish for you. And I know you can do it! I know you can, because I have done it, and I have helped thousands of others do it as well.

You want to communicate better, and to do that it is not enough to hope that it happens or want it to happen. It is not enough to rely on your instincts. Instead, it takes conscious effort. I wanted my interactions to change for a very long time but it was not until I started practicing a new way of communicating that things began to shift.

Changing how I communicated with others and myself increased my self-esteem, reduced my stress and anxiety, improved my sleeping habits, helped me understand my own feelings and the feelings of others, enhanced my appreciation for life, reduced my reactivity and compulsive behavior, and helped me identify my wants and clarify my goals. I started responding instead of reacting, becoming confident in saying No, and being able to reset after difficult interactions instead of getting stuck beating myself up for what I said, did not say, or should have said. It helped me create a more calm, balanced and energized life. It made it easier to start difficult conversations and have interactions with angry people. Through my communication practice I have become a better friend, daughter, sister, wife, and aunt without sacrificing my own happiness in the process.

This all came with practice, as hoping and wanting do not lead to results – action does.

We all want to figure out how to enjoy our relationships with our partners, family, friends, co-workers – to know how to handle difficult interactions or confrontations and the basics of expressing ourselves.

Changing the way you communicate will change your life. Just imagine what your life could look like, your relationships could look like, if you stopped wishing you could interact like other people and do it for yourself!

If you’re ready to to learn a new way of interacting that will bring you confidence, connection, more energy, freedom, and opportunity, then come work with me in the Intentional Communication Training Program!

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