Instead of Fighting Try This

I used to be a fighter.

I used to beat myself up.

I used to defend myself when I felt like I was being wronged.

I used to explain myself when I needed to feel right or justified.

I used to hold on to what needed to be let go.

I used to be a fighter.

But then I learned

I didn’t have to defend myself

I didn’t have to explain myself

I didn’t have to stop what needed to happen

I didn’t have to fight.

I could accept.

I could accept that I felt overwhelm.

I could accept that I felt scared.

I could accept that I felt fear and anxiety.

I could accept the truth of the situation.

I could accept the hurt of seeing clearly.

Name it.

Then …. let it go.

And when I feel myself fighting the overwhelm, anxiety, and fear, I remember that instead of fighting I need to give in to the feeling- accept it as a part of whatever is going on with me in the moment- name whatever it is and once I name it – I can work with it.

What feelings do you just need to let yourself feel? Name them. Then, when they no longer need to be there, let them go.



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