How to be here now while at work

Hanging MobileIt’s easy at work to get wrapped up in everything going on and sometimes it feels like no matter how much you want to slow things down  you can’t. Or no matter how much you want to get out and do something you feel blocked. So maybe you sit and stew in the emotion, maybe you get annoyed, frustrated. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeling like you are. I’ve been there and still go there, and these are three things that help calm me down, get me back to the present moment, and keep perspective.

Mobiles: I’m not talking about my phone, I’m talking about a piece of art that hangs from the ceiling, or pretty much you could put it anywhere.  You could even put index cards on your cubicle with words that inspire you. I have one next to my desk. On one side it says, Cynthia be bold confident kind, and when it turns the other way it says Cynthia be brave yourself calm. It hangs by my desk and throughout the day the combination of words change, but the effect is the same. It reminds me that I can get through anything, that I’m okay. You don’t have to go out and buy one, you could make one, but it also doesn’t have to be a mobile, it could be a rock, a pen, a picture, a coaster, really it’s anything that’s going to make you stop and be good to yourself.

Stomp, clap, and breathe: Whenever I find myself getting nervous, anxious, or simply caught up I seriously stomp my feet (1,2), clap my hands (3,4) and then I breathe.  After a couple inhales and exhales I’m back to the present moment and can think clearly again.

Dance or walk: This one may seem difficult to do when you’re working, but on your lunch break if you can head to the gym, or even pop into the bathroom stall, shut the door and dance you’ll feel better. If dancing isn’t in the cards, definitely leave for a walk, and instead of thinking about all that you have to do, pretend that you’ve already  done it.

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