“Get Lucky” at O’Hanlons Every Saturday Night

I went to a two hour laughing seminar when I lived in Madrid. It was located in an office building in Arguelles. The only request beforehand was to wear comfortable clothing and come ready to laugh. At the door, all 10 of us took off our shoes and found a place on the floor.

After the introductions, we were asked how often we laughed during the day, what things were normally funny to us, what kind of situations made us laugh. We played games, running around hitting each other with balloons, and trying to climb over each others arms while our hands were clasped together.  Sitting to catch our breath, we learned about the different kinds of laughter, and after each was described we were asked to force that specific type of laugh. We were told the benefits of laughter on our health and overall well being, and then ended the session laying on each others stomachs laughing. For 45 minutes what started out as forced laughter turned into true laughter, laughing because we were all laughing.  And after the two hours were up, my stomach hurt.

What I came away with after this experience was a needed reminder of how good it is to laugh, how great I feel after I do, and how if I can find a way to laugh aloud, well, then I want to. So when I found out about a free comedy show in the East Village, co-produced by my friends Gabe Pacheco and Marcy Currier,  I had to check it out. Normally with comedy shows in New York you either have to pay a cover, or there’s a two drink minimum, well, not at O’Hanlons Bar on a Saturday night at 8 p.m. What you’ll find here is pure entertainment. “Get Lucky” is the name of the show and the long lineup of comedians is sure to provoke a hearty chuckle.

I can’t think of a better way to spend the evening … Check it out




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