Free Tapas in Madrid

Whenever I get e-mails from friends or relatives traveling over to Spain, the most common question is, “where’s the best place for tapas?” Because, well, that’s what Spain is commonly known for. And no matter which part of the country one lands in, the truth is that the traditional Spanish fare is always present and ever popular.

Walk into any cafetería and after ordering a caña or glass of wine a small plate of food will appear. Depending on the region and establishment the serving size will vary, but what one can depend on is that the tasty treats are free.

I’ve been all over Spain, and although the largest portions are doled out in the south, there are some  hidden gems in the capital that will have you doubled over by the end asking for a chupito de hierbas.

For a handful of tapas places in Madrid where one can eat like a king without spending like one, I worked with RamaFood to create a handytapas app for the iPhone (The Android version will be out soon).

The walking tour showcases local tapas spots where tourists rarely travel and also sheds light on the history of the tapa and what some of the most popular dishes are. It includes the ability to view the tour/maps offline once purchased, and visitors from overseas (and users without a 3G connection) can continue to explore with the map after the tour is over, without being connected to the Internet.

After taking a look or stopping in the establishments, I’d love to know your thoughts. And also, if you have more great free tapas places to share please post them below.

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