Fear of Negative Talk

Over the last few months I’ve been noticing more and more of my clients have the same fear that I used to have: a fear of negative talk.

You might be thinking, wait, didn’t you just write a book on how to quiet our negative self-talk? Yes, I did; however, what my clients are going through is being so fearful that their negative talk is going to manifest that they quickly push it aside, and try to cover it up with a positive.

Maybe this is familiar to you.

If you’ve read The Secret, are familiar with the Law of Attraction, Science, Energy, or the idea that like attracts like, then it’s possible that the fear of speaking negatively has gotten to you too.

What do you do after you notice you’ve said something negative?

How do you feel about yourself after you’ve said something negative?

What if I told you that negative talk is good in that it’s showing you the direction you need to explore.

Think of the phrases you’ve said that you’re most afraid of; have you ever sat with them? Taken the time to get to know them- to become curious about them  – to move closer to them so you can become comfortable with what makes you uncomfortable? Or are you too scared to do this?

The problem with fearing the negative talk is that it doesn’t give you the opportunity to explore it – to listen to it – to find its root – and work through it, which loosens its grip / lessens its emotional impact.

Instead of attaching or rejecting the negative talk, I challenge you to try and live alongside it. To listen for it, and explore where it’s coming from, then ask yourself where is this judgment coming from? What is the story I’m telling myself based off this judgement? Then ask yourself how do you know this to be true.

Fearing negative talk promotes suffering. See if you can ease your suffering by allowing it and then choosing how best to direct it.



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