Embrace Your Crazy

The first time I saw 2 Days in Paris I was living in Madrid. And, last night, I watched 2 Days in New York from my living room in D.C.

Besides loving the raw, uncensored, and hilarious showing of two different cultures, what both movies ignite in me is a feeling of acceptance.

How often in movies or in life do we see a female take stock of her “crazy” and accept it. I use the word crazy here, because that’s the word that comes up over and over within the film. But what I’m calling “crazy” is the little bits and pieces that make each of us who we are. The quirks that only each of us have. But what’s liberating here is that ¬†“crazy” isn’t crooked. Crazy makes character, emotion, and creativity. Crazy creates, asks questions, chooses to live this way or that. The pieces that we’d normally reject, or hide, are open, embraced, and accepted.

So, here’s to your crazy! ¬†Embrace it!

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