Creating Clear Communication

When I’m stressed there’s a static energy in my body, it almost feels like what you’d see on an old television screen.

This static feeling I liken to a bit of chaos and confusion, with maybe some overwhelm sprinkled in for good measure. When I’m in this state most of my interactions mimic what’s going on inside.

If I’m feeling chaotic, my communication is exaggerated.

If I’m feeling confused, my communication is vague.

If I’m feeling overwhelmed, my communication is inaccurate.

In these states it’s very difficult to create interactions that are easy for others to understand, learn from, listen to, or take direction from.

When we aren’t too sure about something, our speech reflects this.

When we feel murky or puzzled our speech reflects this.

So how do we transition from muddled communication to clear communication?

By cleaning up the clutter.

  1. Take a minute to write down all that’s got you feeling chaotic, confused or overwhelmed. It’s better to write it down because you want to get it out of your body – out of your brain.
  2. Go through the list and ask yourself. How would I feel if I wasn’t confused about this? How would I feel if I wasn’t overwhelmed by this?
  3. Then choose to let the chaos, confusion, and overwhelm go.
  4. Take a couple deep breaths trusting that you’ve released the chaos, confusion, and overwhelm from your body.

You’ll know you’re ready to have clear conversations when you no longer feel the confusion in your body, the static is gone, and you feel clean. No longer when you breathe do you feel a tightness in your chest, throat or stomach, but you feel squeaky clean.




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