Create Your Personal Credo

It’s the end of the year and I’m changing things up a bit.

I used to always sit and make a list of how I want to feel in the New Year. I’d divide up a big piece of card board into four areas of my life and focus on the feeling I wanted within them.

But this year I’m doing something different. This year, taking from the wonderful Sarah Mclean, I’ve created a credo that I want to simply go by for the year.

My personal statement that will guide me throughout the year is:




Detach is a practice of letting go. Of desiring but not attaching. Of caring but not obsessing. Of listening but not sticking. By letting myself, others, and life be as it is without expectation or any agenda this relieves suffering and leads to trust.

Trust is the belief I have that the universe is on my side. Knowing that every want, need or desire I have will show up at the right time and that it may show itself in a way unlike I ever imagined. This trust allows me to receive.

Receive is the practice of allowing – allowing the delights and dreams to happen. Getting out of our own way – changing up our perspective and thoughts – so that it all flows easily.

In this New Year think of what your personal credo could be.

I wrote mine down and it’s hanging by my window as a reminder to DETACH, TRUST, AND RECEIVE.

I’d love to know what your personal credo is for the New Year below!


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