Communicating in a Non-Threatening Way



It can be difficult to have conversations with your partner without it coming across as aggressive, critical, judgmental and antagonistic.

So what do you do if you want to talk with your significant other in a non-threatening way?

Create a safe and nurturing environment for your significant other to feel free from judgment, criticism, or shame.

Come to the conversation with a sense of equanimity. You’re not better than or less then. You’re not right and he or she is wrong.

Remind yourself that you love this person and want to support them and care for them. That you want your relationship to be strong and healthy and for that to happen it requires you to stay open and listen to the other person even if you don’t agree. It requires that you use language that is helpful and not hurtful.

Remember that you want to have a conversation, a real discussion, not one person reacting to the other so that nothing gets resolved.






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