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Take a Hike: The Best 50 Routes in the Community of Madrid (Ediciones La Librería, May 2011)

In the early summer of 2008 my friend and I decided to take a day trip out of Madrid.  From what we were wearing, the ticket agent assumed we wanted to go for a hike so she recommended we head out to Cercedilla. In Cercedilla, we stopped at the local education center to pick up a map. We  asked if there were any other places to hike close to the city. The clerk  took out a map of the Community of Madrid and began circling towns furiously. Although we had searched for a book about hiking in Madrid, all we found were books in Spanish. Not one in English!

From August to November we took over 160 hikes. And from those 160 hikes we chose the ones we thought the best—a variety of easy, medium, and advanced routes, packed with history and beauty.  If only one day in the mountains changed my life, I know the same can happen for you.

Submerged: Tales from the Basin (StepSister Press, 2008)

Submerged: Tales from the Basin is an anthology of literature, memoir, and art created by more than thirty women to benefit those who survived Hurricane Katrina. The title refers to a fear many of us had as young children, of having our heads submerged under water while our mothers washed our hair. The stories, essays, poems, and art of Submerged are an exploration of each contributor’s relationship with her hair, in most cases emotional, often humorous, and consistently generated from youth.

Contributors: Gretl ClaggettSumayya ColemanDianne D. FeulaStella Fiore,Anne L. FrancisKelly A. GolaLauren GonzálezLeslie GonzálezMary Ann GonzálezLauren GuidaEllen Hagan,Shayla HasonAnne HaysRebecca O. JohnsonLorien JordanJean Kahler,Cynthia Blair KaneHope Kavoosi,Shannon KelleyDafna KoryEmily MacelJessica PalmerLissette PeñaSara V. PicCarla PorchBonnie RichardsonAlyssa RobbinsSkye Van SaunBren SimmersMiriam Weisfeld,Anne K. WenzelKara WestermanAllison Yates