Becoming Someone We Admire

Have you ever noticed that when you’re surrounded by people who complain or whine it feels like something to do as well.

You know what’s more difficult to do? Be around those who constantly complain or are negative and not partake in the conversation. Not giving in to saying things you don’t mean because everyone else is doing it.

“Don’t stay with friends who cheat or do what’s base. Stay with noble friends; stay with the best.” – Dhammapada 78

When in groups

  • those who talk badly about others want others to talk badly about others.
  • those who whine want you to whine as well.

What would your day look like if you surrounded yourself instead by those who were sincere? Or that you admired – where after you left you felt inspired, open, and good.

We might think we don’t have this option because we can’t choose our colleagues or family members, but what we can do is seek out different colleagues to hang out with and identify those family members who are up to good.

Because when we’re surrounded by those we admire we become someone we admire as well.

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  • Lesley

    Gosh, am I ever blessed to have stumbled onto your information and website – – I’m currently reading your book “How to Communicate Like a Buddhist” and, I am so hopeful that it will help to save my relationship! I can’t even begin to tell you what this means to me. Thank you for what you do!

    I would LOVE to communicate with you, if you are so inclined!

    I so admire you for what you have written. Thank you.


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