Be Kind To Yourself

Without knowing it a lot of us are pretty nasty to ourselves throughout the day. We say things under our breath and a lot of times the thoughts we have going around and round are anything but supportive and kind.

My soundtrack went something like:

“I’m not good at … “

“I wish I were … “

“I can’t believe I … “

“Why did I …”

“It doesn’t really matter because I …”

“Of course I would do something like that …”

“I’ll have to make up for it tomorrow …”

And then I heard someone say : be kind to yourself.

And I thought, be kind to myself. Be kind to myself. What does that mean?

  •  to care for myself
  •  to respect myself
  •  to appreciate myself
  •  to do what makes me feel good
  •  to listen to myself
  •  to see myself with compassion
  •  to be gentle with myself
  •  to let go of expectations
  •  to let myself be who I am

And when I thought about how to start being kind to myself I realized it started in this moment, now.

With how I spoke to myself.

With how I thought about myself.

With how I reacted to myself.

It became a question I would ask throughout the day – am I being kind to myself?

And if I wasn’t, then I asked – what can I do in this moment to show myself some tenderness?

I can say from my own experience that being kind to myself makes me feel pretty friggen empowered, like I can do anything.

How can you be kind to yourself today? What actions can you take? Or what thoughts you can let go of?

I’d love to know what you come up with below!

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