After We’ve Said Something Hurtful

Today I’m talking about what to do after we have said something hurtful to someone else. There’s a tendency to get stuck in feeling badly about what we’ve done – and it’s possible for that feeling to take over making it difficult to find our way out. So to make our way back to balance we first need to acknowledge that we can’t take back what we’ve said and then ask ourselves the following questions.

What can I do to make this situation better?

What can I learn from the situation?

What can I commit to doing in the future?

What I don’t mention in the video is how important it is to forgive ourselves for saying what we’ve said. Understanding that we all have weak moments, that we’re human and that one instance doesn’t make us horrible people.

Click below for a mini guided forgiveness meditation.

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  • Lesley

    Absolutely wonderful. Thank you Cynthia!

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