Admitting To What’s True

When I was younger and my sister and I played hide and seek I’d hide in my grandmother’s laundry room. Hiding was easy and there was no one to bother me, tell me what to do or not to do, or that there was a better way. I could’ve stayed in there, underneath the clean clothes, for a lot longer than the amount of time it took my sister to find me. But… she found me every single time.

I hid a lot growing up.

I hid  that I had a party at my house when my parents were out of town.

I hid that I made dinner for a boyfriend at my house after my parents told me I couldn’t.

I hid that I smoked cigarettes.

Hiding stuff was easier than telling the truth and letting people in.

And I did this throughout college – hiding how I was truly feeling in certain situations – not sharing what I really believed with others.

After college I hid because I thought to be able to have the career I wanted I needed to be like everyone else.

And all this time I was hiding I was also being found out. My parents found out about the party and making dinner, that I smoked cigarettes. My romantic relationships knew when something was wrong even though I said nothing was. And every interview I went on didn’t work out because they knew who I was pretending to be wasn’t right for the job.

All the hiding I was doing was making life really difficult – relationships, health, career. It was also making me feel alone and isolated.

The reality is that although I wanted to hide, all it was doing was making me struggle more.

What I began to realize was that if I started with what was true then there wouldn’t be so much pain and suffering.

If I could admit what was true then I could come out of hiding and be seen.

If I could admit what was true then the way I was on the outside would finally match up with my insides.

If I could admit what was true than I didn’t have to be found out I could simply be.

What would your life look like if you could admit what was true?

How would your life change if you stopped hiding and started with the truth instead?

How would it feel to simply be you?

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