A Way To Speak More Clearly

It’s true that to express ourselves clearly we need to cut the fat from our language. This means trimming down the extra gristle by losing unnecessary words and instead using only those that are useful and helpful. After working with clients, and going through this practice myself, I’ve found the easiest piece of extra fat to see is verbal worrying.

  1. pay attention to your verbal worrying
  2. after noticing it, label it
  3. then choose to speak clearly

The more you can shift out of verbal worrying the more interactions with yourself and others will not just feel easier and clearer, but will be!

Let me know how it goes

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  • Diadel

    This is so me! I am trying to catch my thoughts and my verbals words. It is so hard when your in that moment but I need to do this for myself. Thank you for your emails and blog! They are helping me keep on track.

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