A Practice to Create Confidence

Remember The Sound of Music? When Fraulein Maria questions what the day will bring?

Where she wonders what lay ahead for her future?

And although it could be exciting, she’s afraid. Scared of what she doesn’t know.

So what does she do? She bursts out into song, sure, but what she does is focus on what she’s seeking: Courage and Confidence.

Rattling off all that she wants from the world around her and what she needs from the children she’s about to help, instills a sense of worthiness and confidence in her own abilities. The more she tells herself she believes in herself the more she does believe.


How can this bit of information help you? 

Well, believing in ourselves is enforced and reinforced by the practice of believing in ourselves.

Take it from Ms. Martha Graham

“I believe that we learn by practice. Whether it means to learn to dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by practicing living, the principles are the same. In each, it is the performance of a dedicated precise set of acts, physical or intellectual, from which comes shape of achievement, a sense of one’s being, a satisfaction of spirit…”

Now for the good stuff!

How do you create confidence and start believing? What are practices you can do now to start cultivating your super sassy self?

1) Morning Pages: I do this every morning while my coffee is brewing. I take out a journal and fill the pages with all that I’m grateful for, and  as I do this it often morphs into what I want in my life.

It becomes what kind of relationship I want to have with my partner, how I want to feel when I wake up in the morning, who I want to know one day, where I want to give a workshop. So by the time my coffee’s ready, so am I!

2) Check out the video below, my first one ever, to learn 5 ways to create confidence the Buddhist way.

What’s great about creating and boosting confidence is that it’s not big, monumental change we have to make for it to happen.

So what can you do? Let me know in the comments below! Also, would love to know if you guys like the video and would want more of this in the future.




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  • liz

    Lovely first vid – many congrats

  • Helena

    Your blogs are really inspiring! I got here through every day feminism and I’m feeling really motivated by your website. I so agree with everything in your video! One other thing I like to do is a ritual cleanse every Sunday; I do everything on my to-do list, big or small, do my laundry, clean my bedsheets, hoover my room, take a bath and moisturise all over, do a face mask, etc. There’s no better feeling on a Monday morning than to feel refreshed and prepared for the week ahead, and there’s no worse feeling than waking up on Monday morning with a tonne of stuff to do and nothing clean to wear!
    Keep up your amazing posts!

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