We all want to figure out how to enjoy our relationships with our partners, family, friends, co-workers – to know how to handle difficult interactions or confrontations and the basics of expressing ourselves. Who doesn’t want to step in to their personal power and learn how to enjoy the moments they have? And that’s why I’ve created the Intentional Communication Certification program.

I created this training because I’ve been where you are – wanting to feel better in the world and hoping to figure out how to start now. After my first love and best friend passed away I went on a search to figure out how to feel better in the world. And while for most people a journey like this could take a lifetime, for me it took one year to figure out the how and then six years of practice to completely trust the results. The skill of Intentional Communication has not only changed my life, but also others.

What People Are Saying:

“I really feel like this content is life-changing for anyone who takes it to heart and puts the time and energy into putting this into practice. I thought all of the material was very clearly presented with examples and I knew how to apply it in my life right away (although applying it is easier said than done : ).”

“I am much more confident in all my interactions. My social anxiety is practically gone! I can banter, do small talk etc but also go deeper. People are opening up to me more and my connections with a wide range of people are growing. I am also getting clearer about my needs and expressing them more effectively. ”

“I am more confident in my interactions. I swear less. I have less judgment if any at all. I am more present in my conversations. I am more patient and tolerant of others. I think more before I speak. I am more silent in conversations and allow others to finish speaking before I talk. I am in a better mood when I speak to people.”

The next certification course will start September 19th 2018.

Please e-mail cynthia@intentionalcommunicationinstitute.com for more details or to be put on the list before open enrollment begins.