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Ice Age

Posted by on Jan 3, 2010

I’m living in an ice box, freezing my brains out, my honey, frozen.  At this moment I am balled up in front of my computer, with my gloves on. This is a) completely insane and b) makes it very difficult to type.  I know I said yesterday mission #3 would be to buy a tray, which I was very excited about doing, but plans have changed. Now, my mission is to buy a space heater.

Let’s talk about this for one second here. Heat. It’s a wonderful, glorious, sensation that many think I would never need in Madrid, but definitely a must in New York. Well, Madrid gets cold in the winter. It’s actually the tallest European capital (667 m / 2,188 ft). Just the other day when I was leaving to fly back to New York I looked out my window and there was snow. Not too much, but enough for the salt to be thrown and stylish boots to be worn. The only difference is that when I woke up that day, I was warm. I was snuggled in my bed, warm. I remember even having to open the window a bit because it was so…yes, you’re right, warm. Why is my apartment in Madrid warm, and I’m getting a cold headache while typing here, because I control the heat. I open the cupboard next to my sink and turn the knob…Heat…Turn the knob the other way … no heat.

So my mission, after first calling 311 to put in a complaint, and getting up the courage to change my close (maybe under the covers), is to buy a space heater.

All right, a space heater!!!! Very excited for this!

Found that there is one with good ratings down the street at K-Mart. My budget here is under 50 dollars.  I’ll report back and let you know what I find.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Arthur Hamilton
    July 12, 2011

    Sounds like some of my experiences in Madrid! Madrid is beautiful in the winter, too!

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