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Communication Expectations

Posted by on Dec 20, 2017

The other week I was in line at the supermarket and the cashier apologized to the woman ahead of me for taking too much time. The woman responded by saying, “I expect people to take their time. Don’t worry.”

This phrase has stuck with me since then and it was a week ago. The reason is because most of us don’t expect people to take their time. Instead we believe in right now, this minute, right here.

Since this phrase entered in to my mind I’ve been watching where I expect people to be quick and fast. I have to say, I expect it with almost all things.

I ask a question – it’s hard for me to wait for an answer.

I give my opinion-  it’s hard for me to wait for someone to respond.

I express a need – it’s hard for me to wait to see if it’s satisfied.

What I then decided to do was wake up and expect people to take their time. No matter who I was talking with or what I was doing, my belief was that it takes people time to do, say, think and feel things.

You know what’s been happening since I made this switch? I’m less agitated, annoyed, reactive. And losing all those makes the time seem fuller – like there’s actually more of it.

See what happens to you and your interactions when you expect people to take their time with things. It may surprise you!

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