Why it’s okay to like Jury Duty

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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!I’ve been out of the loop the last week or so because of Jury Duty. It was last Monday that I walked into the courts, stood in line to get my badge, and then went to wait in the juror’s […]

One Way to Keep Perspective around Family

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I’ve been breathing, a lot. It’s not really breathing as much as it is sighing. I actually looked up the reason for sighing on line. What it told me was I either needed to get more oxygen to the brain or that I’m depressed. But I don’t think it’s either case. I’ve been sighing a […]

Talking about Self-Care

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I was lucky enough to be included in Monica Fraser’s Thrive Thursday series. If you’re interested, check out the interview below! xx, Cynthia   Thrive Thursday: Cynthia Kane on creating from the inside out + the art of bending time   Welcome to Thrive Thursday. Each week I feature a conscious & creative woman who […]

When How You Feel + What You See = Disconnect

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I talk a lot about feeling. I push people to dwell in the feeling of how they want to feel so that they begin to live life in the way that feels good to them. But what if you live the feeling, but how you feel and what you see don’t connect? This happened to […]