How To Friend Your Family

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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Raise your hand if you’ve already read something somewhere about how difficult it is to be with family over the holidays? Or maybe talk of how stressful this time of year is because we have to cook, clean, get out […]

How To Work Through Anger

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Although some say a healthy dose of anger isn’t such a bad thing, I know that for me, when I feel angry it’s a pretty destructive feeling. When I get angry I start to self sabotage situations. I get stuck in my head. I see through raging, blaming, judging eyes and I have a hard […]

How To Be Who You Want To Be

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In relationships I used to blame the other for a lot of how I was feeling. It could be in my romantic relationships, at work, with my family – no matter what happened it was somebody else’s fault. To think I had nothing to do with what was making me unhappy made it easier to […]

Don’t Get Stuck In A Dream

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We all dream. We dream of finding what we love to do. We dream of understanding others. We dream of knowing the world. We dream of having more time. We dream each morning. We dream each night. We all dream. I wish I could find … I want to understand … I want to know […]