How to See for Yourself

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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!After graduating I went on interview after interview. My goal: to land a job in the publishing world. It didn’t matter if I was working at a magazine or with a book publisher, heck, I even tried out catalogs, because […]

Tactics to Avoid Falling into Codependent Patterns

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It happens to many people every day. You meet someone new, you become mesmerized by them, and eventually fall in love. And then, it happens: You become codependent and start neglecting yourself, your desires, and ultimately, your happiness. Based on my article Maintaining Your Identity In A Relationship, I discuss with Sandra Kim, Founder and CEO Extraordinaire of […]

Shift Perspective: Start Asking The Right Questions

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I had said I wasn’t going to call him, but I did. I did, because I liked him, or the way he made me feel. I liked how he put his arm around me and brought me in toward his chest. I liked how he invited me to bbqs and baseball games. I liked that […]

To keep ourselves from drowning in emotion

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To others it was strange that as a young kid I thought about life and death, that I asked questions that didn’t have answers, and that I would often sit for hours with only the thoughts in my head.  Over the years I did note the time spent in my head  thinking, visualizing, seeing patterns, […]