How To Handle Verbal Attacks

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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!What do you do in situations that make your blood boil? Where you get home for the night and you’re upset at how people were speaking to others, or acting towards strangers. This happened to me the other day and […]

Love Is …

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  Love is not in isolation. Love is not prioritizing someone else over yourself. Love is not exhausting your resources. Love is not ignoring a call from a friend. Love is not making excuses. Love is not defending. Love is not inadequacy. Love is not harsh. Love is not silent. Love is not control. Love […]

Let The Good Stuff Happen

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The other week I was in New York and I was talking to a seventy-two year old fashion designer and she turned to me and said Work hard and Let it happen So often we fight the good, making it impossible to enjoy what we know is already kind of spectacular about our own lives. […]

Thought For The Day

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I was in my head a lot these last couple weeks and whenever I am I feel heavy. Around and round my mind spins, thinking my way through and out of ideas or into holes that I can’t climb out of. It took one day of being outside, having lunch with my mother, and talking […]