Talking Body Image with Melissa A. Fabello

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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!“The last thing I want to do right now is get into a bathing suit,” one of my friends said the other day. “I’m not feeling so good right now with all this.” Her hand gesture outlined her shape. How […]

On Hiding

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Looking over my millions of post it notes with ideas scribbled here and there or sayings I’ve read and want to remember I came across this one We create ourselves to hide the pain Now I don’t know if I thought of that or if I read it somewhere and jotted it down or if […]

The Power of Planning

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Think for a minute about all the planning you do in your day-to-day. Calls for work. Meetings. Picking up the laundry. Going to the grocery. Dropping off kids and picking them up. Thinking about the best time to call a friend, parent, or schedule a hair cut. Each day we plan a myriad of activities […]

How To Listen Your Mother

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“”Do you need a jacket?” My mother asked while sitting in front of her computer. “It’s supposed to be cold out.” This phrase is one that I’ve heard year after year. And with every year, the meaning has changed.   When I was told at two to put on my jacket I threw a fit. […]